Tropical Sanital + Aloevera

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Sanital is a specially developed aquarium salt for prophylactic use and bath preparation for fish after transportation and during whole acclimatization period. Active substances facilitate recovery and treat fish’s ionic disorders caused by unfavorable environmental factors. Aloe accelerates the regeneration of epidermis and stimulates the immunity system. Fluid blue UV filter gives water sky blue colour and inhibits algae growth. Sanital should be used after any water change. It is safe for the environment and all inhabitants of the tank.


prophylactically – with every water change in normal tank – 2 level teaspoons per 50 litres of water; quarantine period in a tank without substratum, biological cloudiness of water – 4 level teaspoons per 50 litres of water.

The salt may come in various shades of blue, which is not a defect of the product.