Pacific Sun- kH Lab Alkalinity Module

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The Kore 7th kHLab is an intelligent dosing station with the capabilities of an extensive aquarium computer.
The main features that distinguish our product from the competition:

  • communication with the application in the cloud, which makes it possible to access the device from any type of device from anywhere in the world
  • Kore 7th kHLab has 7 built-in very precise dosing pumps – 3 of them are used for cooperation with the kHLab module, 4 others are used for dosing Balling fluids (buffer / Ca / Mg etc) and the dosed doses are automatically adjusted based on the obtained water hardness result.
  • Kore 7th has two pH ports
  • digital temperature measurement
  • digital ATO(auto top off) refill – with optical sensor and DC pump
  • support for a magnetic stirrer that mixes liquids before dispensing.
  • fully automatic control of the calcium reactor (CalcFeeder PRO type) – control of the reactor efficiency to maintain the alkalinity of the aquarium water.
  • set includes 1L of super-concentrated reagent – allows you to prepare 50 liters of ready-to-use solution – which is enough for 2.5 years of testing 6 times a day.