Master Soil Black - Powder 2.5-3 MM

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Selecting a high-quality substrate is an important part of setting up a planted aquarium as the substrate should provide important nutrients for aquatic plants and optimum conditions for aquatic animals.

Master Soil Next- High Grade is manufactured in Japan specially designed for planted and Shrimp aquarium. Whilst most substrates will release high levels of Ammonia during the first few weeks causing toxic water for aquatic animals, Master Soil is designed to release low levels of ammonia, allowing the hobbyist to add livestock within a few days of setting up a tank. We recommend careful testing of water parameters before aquatic animals are added to the aquarium.

Master Soil Next HG is an advanced, highly-fertile soil that supports long term lush plant growth.

Special features of Master Soil Next High Grade:

  • Specifically designed to suit planted and Shrimp aquariums.

  • Rinsing of substrate is not required as granules are designed to absorb impurities from water. You will find the substrate to be super clean when water is added to the tank.

  • Substrate is designed to release low ammonia levels during the initial stage of a tank setup.

  • Master Soil will naturally regulate the water parameters by lowering the values of pH, GH and KH.

  • Granules designed to be harder assuring prolonged use in an aquarium.

Master Soil Next HG is available in three grain sizes and each grain size is available in 3L and 8L bags:

Master Soil Powder Type- 2.5 -3mm