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What is Neo CO2 ?

Here is the solution to the problem confronted between dangerous high pressure co2 and inconvenient low pressure co2.

 High pressure co2 is dangerous and expensive.
 Low pressure co2 does not work well to grow aquatic plants.

CO2 is an essential item to grow beautiful aquatic plants.

Don’t worry anymore!
Neo CO2 is the alternative from now on.

Neo CO2 is a combinational item designed to supply natural co2 from stablized metabolism of a bacteria called Saccharomyces Cerevisae into aquarium.


Features of Neo CO2

1. Top-fermenting

Neo CO2 is fermented only on the side jelly and water contact, which makes proper amount of co2 production last longer as the micro-organism eats the nutrition jelly from the upside to the downside.

2. Stabilization technology for bacteria and special culture material

Thanks to AQUARIO Co.’s high technology、 Neo CO2 developed/introduced stabilize bacteria technology、keeps Co2 production about 50 days.

3. Reusable

Neo CO2 reproduces CO2, if only the jelly is still left with a simple process.

4. Perfect components

Neo CO2 contains all parts necessary for co2 generation and use such as hose and diffuser

How to use

  1. Put about 300ml of warm water (about 50℃) into the bottle.
  2. After closing the cap, shake about 100 times until the content is thoroughly mixed.
  3. 24 hours later, it turns into Jelly
  4. Put in 1 pack of Biorefill.
  5. Put 200ml of warm water (about 30℃)
  6. Wait until CO2 is produced.
  7. When co2 stops, only the water needs to be changed except the jelly.
  8. Process #4, #5, #6 comes along later on