Pacific Sun- Sulfur Reactor

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Nitrate Reactors to effectively reduce nitrate in a closed aquarium system a specially in wholesalers/shops fish tanks . This method converts nitrate to nitrogen gas using sulfur beads. Sulfur beads encourage the growth of anaerobic bacteria as it oxidizes the sulfur.
– Available in four sizes(system volume from 500 to 4000 liters)
– Method of feeding: Internal bypass on Aquabee pump
Total Watts: 11W

  • Sulfur Reactor SR-110 – for aquariums up to 500 liters; Size: 280x390x560mm
  • Sulfur Reactor SR-150 – for aquarums up to 1200 liters; Size: 320x390x560mm
  • Sulfur Reactor SR-200 – for aquariums up to 2500 liters; Size: 380x390x560mm
  • Sulfur Reactor SR-250 – for aquariums up to 4000 liters; Size: 390x410x560mm