Biopod is one of the most exciting products to hit Australian shores.  Biopod is complete “smart” system that can either be a terrarium or aquarium.  All live support is built into the system that can be controlled by the touch if a button, all by an app on your smart phone.

Biopod  makes  growing  easy  and may be the next big wave for green thumbs. A synthesis of ecology and sustainability,  Biopods  are  multi- use  indoor herb gardens, vegetables gardens, aquaponics chambers that grow food with fish and fish waste, and luxury housing for a pet lizard or snake.

So what sets Biopod apart from traditional  aquariums  and  vivariums? Biopod mimics a rain forest habitat while allowing you to grow your own garden. Once you’ve got your herbs, vegetables,  or pets all snug in your Biopod, you can regulate temperature, lighting,  tumidity,  ventilation and “rain fall” via an app.